Two Blind Sisters Adopt A Disabled Pitbull


To many people, Carmela is an undesirable pet. First of all, she’s a pit bull, which is a “bully breed” so often stereotyped as dangerous and vicious. Second of all, Carmela is deformed. Her front legs are crooked and bent as a result of spending too much time locked inside a small crate. A woman named Sandy kindly offered to take Carmela in and help her find a forever family. Carmela spent her days relaxing at Sandy’s grooming salon. A year went by, and no one wanted to adopt Carmela — until she met a pair of amazing sisters.

Twenty-four hours before Tianna and Gianna walked into Sandy’s grooming salon, they told their mother of their Christmas wish: to adopt a disabled dog. You see, Tianna and Gianna are 10-year-old twins. They are both legally blind. Gianna is also autistic. The girls are seen as the “different” ones in school, so they thought if they had a disabled dog, they’d create a bond and understanding unlike any other. The next day, the sisters’ mom happened to take them to Sandy’s salon to get their dog’s nails clipped — and there was Carmela, waiting for a Christmas wish of her own. Talk about destiny…

What happened next is nothing short of incredible. Now, Gianna and Tianna hope their story inspires others to adopt a disabled pet this holiday season.

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