Timo The Cat Gets Big Wet Kiss From Koi Fish


Timo the ragdoll cat is back once again, delivering another daily dose of cuteness. This time, the fluffy pet proves that what really sets him apart from the others is his unusual bond with the least likely of animals!

The cat’s owner, YouTube user Xiedubbel, posted the latest video of Timo playing near the backyard koi pond. While at first glance, it looks like the cat is trying to catch the beautiful fish, that isn’t exactly the case. At :33, Timo leans down into the pond and hold his paw out. That’s when one of the koi pop out of the water to give him a big kiss! Have you ever seen anything like this?

When he’s not chasing butterflies in the garden or lounging in his comfy hammock, Timo can have just as much fun in the backyard watching his aquatic pals, too!

As most cat owners know, this type of fun and entertainment can go on for hours. No doubt, Timo will be amused for a long time. He just looks so mesmerized watching the koi swim around the pond.

Couldn’t you just watch this adorable cat for hours?! Watch Timo in action, and we guarantee that you won’t be able to get enough.

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