Shy Man Takes The Stage On X-Factor And Impresses Judges


When Christopher Maloney stepped on stage at X-Factor UK, he was all nerves. It took him five years of filling out the audition form, only to change his mind and tear it up, to finally get there. He was finally prepared to audition, with his grandmother and biggest supporter in tow, in 2012.

During this performance, he decided to sing a song that was played at his grandfather’s funeral: Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” He absolutely stunned the judges and the audience with his singing voice and certainly earned his way past the audition round. After his initial tryout, he managed to stay strong and make it to the final three, with the votes putting him at the top until almost the end.

That’s not the last you’ll hear of Christopher. His story of overcoming stage-fright to follow his dream is a story that has been told over and over again since his audition. Recently, this perseverance encouraged him to open up the Dance and Drama Academy at Kirkdale Community Centre in Liverpool. The X-Factor UK gave him a great opportunity, and with this school, International Business Times says he wants “to help give young entertainers in his community a chance to reach their potential.” He had a bit of a bumpy trail to follow as he moved on from X-Factor, but he is ready to put it all behind him as he pursues this school.

Time to see him in action! Listen to his story and watch his performance which starts at 2:43.




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