Deaf and Blind Dog Senses Dad’s Arrival And It Makes For A Heartfelt Reunion


It’s not a lie when you hear that a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs can quickly fall in love with their owner that they end up doing things like staying in their owner’s room until they get back from work. Some dogs will run to the door when their owner gets back, knowing by then that a jingling sound from keys means they’re about to enter. When you pat your lap, your dog will come running to you, eager for cuddles.

However, not every dog has the ability to see or hear, or in the case of the dog below, see AND hear. The dog, a Double Merle called Opal, was born deaf and blind. Most people wouldn’t adopt a special needs dog, but Christine and Forrest Bray aren’t like most people.

The couple was eager to take in the beautiful white dog, and as you’ll see in the video below, Opal grew close to her owners. Being both deaf and blind heightened another sense—her smell. You can see how excited Opal gets when Forrest arrives home. Despite Forrest still being in the car, Opal IS already jumping at the fact that he’s home.

Christine captures Opal’s excitement as Forrest arrives. She says, “This is my favorite part of the day.” Opal starts running to the entrance at the fence, and Christine says, “Yup. See, she knows.” She doesn’t have to see or hear that Forrest’s arrived. She senses it anyway.

“Look at that smeller work,” Christine says with a laugh. Opal runs back and forth excitedly, and she barks at Forrest as he walks closer to her. Once Forrest has walked into the front yard, Opal jumps onto him with excitement. She’s at his side, jumping all over him, and licking his palm.

“You know I’m here?” Forrest asks as he pets her head. “Do you know I’m here?” He closes the fence and says, “Hi, baby!’

“Aww, she’s been waiting for so long,” Christine says as she captures the moment. You can tell that the dog is more than happy to see Forrest again. Forrest starts running around and playing with Opal, and you can’t help how light your chest feels at the cuteness of it all.

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