He Saw A Dying Puppy On The Side Of The Road — Then Did The Unthinkable


A good Samaritan came across a poor puppy lying passed out on the pavement in the middle of a road, and called Adopt-A-Bull Rescue for help.

They said, “Although rescue funds are incredibly low and we don’t have any open foster homes, since the situation was urgent we acted on faith and made an emergency decision to help, confident that our supporters (locally and on Facebook) would help us once we took her in.” And you’ll be so glad they did.

This bullie was a 15-month-old puppy weighing a staggering 18 pounds. Besides the obvious malnutrition issues, she was anemic and her electrolyte and blood counts were all over the place. She suffered from an extreme case of demodex mange that had gone untreated since she was a pup.

The incredible folks at the rescue didn’t stop there. They began conducting an extensive investigation as to who may have been responsible for her condition. Finally, they traced the owner who purchased Princess from a pet store in Miami. And get this: The original owner gave her back to the pet store after only having her a short time, because of her demodex (which is extremely common in puppies). They didn’t want to “deal with a sick dog.” And the woman who sold Princess? She operated a puppy mill! “We have strong suspicions that whoever has been harboring Princess has let her purposefully deteriorate to this condition before dumping her,” the rescue said.

But now for the good news: After just two days of love and care, Princess improved drastically and went on to make a full recovery. She was fostered by a wonderful family who provided her with all the love, food, pampering, and attention she’s always deserved.

Check out photos and a video of Princess’ journey below. I’m blown away by this story, and I know you will be, too — so show Miss Princess some love and please SHARE her story with your friends and family on Facebook!

This puppy was unconscious when a good Samaritan spotted her on the side of the road. He was completely shocked, but managed to call for help just in time.



Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

She had a horrible skin condition that could have been easily treated, had her owner looked into treatment before discarding her like trash.


Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

When the rescue team brought her to safety, they named her Princess. She was in really bad condition and could barely keep her eyes open, but she was a fighter at heart.


Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

All Princess needed was a little love and care. Within a matter of days, she gained back some strength and got some much-needed rest and food!


Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

Princess became so happy and healthy that she was ready for her foster home. Here she is with her step-brother, Cliffy.


Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

Finally, a warm soft bed and that geniune puppy smile everyone was waiting to see.


Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

Princess proved to be a miracle dog. Her coat grew back nice and shiny, and she suffered no permanent damage from the nightmare in which she once lived. We love you, Princess!




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