Parents Reunite With Little Girl Who Has Their Son’s Heart


Tracie and Kevin Baker were dealing with the kind of loss no one should ever experience. When their son Logan was just 6 weeks old, a biopsy revealed that he had muscular dystrophy. The mother and father knew they wouldn’t have much time with their son, so they spent the entire 13 months of his life filling it with joy and celebrating every day they had with him. Logan passed away on February 11, 2013. Just three days later, on Valentine’s Day no less, Logan saved a life.

His heart was given to 2-year-old Trinity Lazo. Thanks to Logan’s final act, another family got the second chance that he wasn’t afforded. Watch as the two families reunite for the first time, and to see Tracie and Kevin listen to their son’s heart that lives through Trinity.

“‚“It’‚„s exhilarating to see our kid do the things that we didn‚„’t think we would be able to do,‚” says Trinity’‚„s mother, Monica Lazo. “‚“It doesn‚„’t get any better than this. Like I said, how many different ways can you say thank you? It‚„’s a godsend for us.”

Logan’s heart has a good home. Of course, it’s not the way the Bakers would have wanted their story to end. The death of a child can feel so cruel, so meaningless, and chaotic. Through Trinity, Logan’s life was not taken in vein, his life was given a purpose — to provide joy and hope.

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