Nobody Expected This 14-Yr-Old Cat with Only Skin and Bones to Survive – But Few Months after The Rescue..


A 14-year-old has struggled all her life. She weighs like a 4-months kitten. The poor feline is starved and struggles to live each day.

Fortunately, someone spotted the cat and decided to intervene. She was only skin and bones. Nobody expected her to survive but she did. The feline found a new home at the Saving One Life rescue group in Arizona.

The Humane Society rescuers were scared the cat would not live for long. The first night, she slept soundly. Brianne started giving her food mixed with warm water for easy digestion. She was on fluid for two weeks to ensure she was hydrated.

Every day, Brianne and her husband were impressed by Ann’s progress. She begins to gain weight and her personality began to shine.

Months later, Ann is out and about. She plays and socializes with other foster cats, loves playing with toys, and climbing trees. Ann is affectionate and loves the sights and sounds around her.

Watch the amazing transformation and let us know what you think in the comments section.



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