Mother Gives Birth To Three Sets Of Twins At 500,000:1 Odds


karen and Colin are not your typical parents. 16 years ago, Karen gave birth to twin boys, Lewis and Kyle. Two years later, the couple beat the odds again and welcomed another set of boys, Finn and Jude. Needless to say, Karen, a dance instructor and Colin, an events manager, had their hands full from the start — but the couple from Scotland fully embraced the role of parents to not one but two sets of wonderful twin boys.

Ten years passed, and life had settled down a bit. The boys were growing into their teens, and Karen had embraced being the only female of the family. But then, a six-week scan revealed that 41-year-old Karen was expecting a child for a third time… and this time, the results were just too crazy to believe. In fact, doctors told them she had beaten the odds of 500,000-to-1.

Keep reading to find out what the shocking ultrasound revealed…

16 years ago, Karen Rodger of Scotland gave birth to non-identical twin boys. Two years later, she and her husband, Colin, were in for another huge surprise — yet another set of non-identical twin boys.


The older set of twins, Lewis and Kyle, happily welcomed their younger brothers, Finn and Jude, with open arms. As for Karen, she fully embraced being the only female of the family.


Years later, Karen learned she was pregnant again. While doctors said there was a 500,000:1 chance that her third pregnancy would be twins, the six-week scan revealed the unbelievable truth: TWINS! Karen texted her husband with the news, to which he replied, “This is not funny.”



Once reality set in, Karen and Colin decided to keep the twins’ sex a secret, which made the next surprise that much better; they were over-the-moon when out came two baby girls!



At first, Karen and Colin were nervous — not only about having a third set of twins, but also about bringing Rowan and Isla into the world as older parents in their 40s. However, their nerves were quickly squashed.


Rowan and Isla brought so much joy into the family, and their four older brothers completely fell in love with their baby sisters.


Screenshot / Vlaanderen

When they’re out as a family, the Rogers are used to getting lots of attention. People are blown away when they realize Karen and Colin are parents to three sets of twins.



“Boyfriends will be completely unacceptable,” Dad jokes. “I think the girls are going to have five dads with the boys looking out for them too, and it will be a frightening gauntlet for any boyfriend to run.”


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