How to make an easy pillow sham with just a sheet of cloth


Pillows serve a double purpose in anyone’s home – both form and function and fashion and fun. But they are also expensive, and once you’ve bought a set, you’re stuck with that color and pattern for the life of the pillows … or are you?

The alternative to spending money on new pillows is to adorn them with new shams, but shams are generally attached via sewing, which means that once attached, they are difficult to remove, without damaging either the shams or the pillows themselves.

That’s where a new technique from the West Seattle Fabric Company comes in. Their product is called the No Sew Pillow Sham, and the company’s latest YouTube video shows how it easy it can be to give pillows an entirely new look without having to spend a single penny on new pillows or new shams, nor ruining the products themselves with frequent sewing and removing stitches.

The video has been met with rave reviews on the Internet, 442,000 views as of December 29, 2015, and 50 positive comments for every bad review. The shams in question are tightly wrapped around the pillows and tied tightly to look just like normal sewn pillows.

“The pillow sham is such a great gift to give to anyone like a new bride or first apartment,” raves YouTube member ‘newbeequilter’. “You could even include another square of fabric inside with the pillow and you’ve given them the option to change the look for seasons, holidays, party themes, etc.”



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