Kindhearted Officer Helps Homeless Mother, Child Flee From Abusive Husband


Last week, Corporal Che’ Atkinson noticed a woman sitting in the lobby of their police station early one morning. She had a little girl with her, and several bags. The woman said she was okay, but something just didn’t sit well with Corporal Atkinson — so he kept the conversation going. The more he continued to talk to the woman, the more he was affected by her story.

The woman revealed she was a victim of domestic violence. She had recently become homeless, so she sought help at the station; she and her one-year-old daughter had nowhere else to go. Corporal Atkinson sprung into action, deciding right then and there to help this woman and her child. He was able to locate and contact her distant relative who agreed to pick them up, but when he returned to the police station the following morning, the woman and child were still sitting in the lobby.

As it turned out, the family members weren’t able to pick up the mother and daughter for another day. Corporal Atkinson also learned the two hadn’t eaten in days. That’s when the kindheartedofficer truly went above and beyond. Using his own money, Corporal Atkinson got a hotel room for the woman and her child. He found a car seat for the little girl, placed it in his cruiser, and safely transported them to the hotel. He also bought them food and drinks, and didn’t leave until he knew they were safe and sound.

What an incredible man who deserves all the recognition he gets! If you agree that all police officers should be like Corporal Atkinson, please SHARE this inspiring story with your friends on Facebook.



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