John Lewis Christmas Ad Shows How The Piano Gift Changed Elton John’s Life


ohn Lewis & Partners has released its Christmas ad for 2018, with which they again strike into the feeling of many people around the world.

This time, they presented the life story of the famous singer Sir Elton John and showed his way to become a successful musician.

In a video called “The Boy and the Piano”, they showed how a little boy’s life completely changed the Christmas gift of Grandpa and Grandma. And exactly this little boy played the role of Elton John in his young years.

The story begins in present day and works backwards through Elton John’s life when he was given his first piano by grandparents. The gift has changed the life of Elton John forever, and the authors of the footage wrote that some gifts are simply more than just a gift.

Will this wonderful Christmas advertisement with the famous singer Elton John inspire you too?

Source: klipland



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