Her Husband SCREAMS In The Hospital, But The Reason? I Can’t Help But CRACK UP!


Here’s a video that’s going to make every man cringe and every mother crack up!

Most moms want flowers, a home-cooked meal, a nice card or just some quality time with the family for Mother’s Day.  Then there’s Kim Holderness. The matriarch of the Holderness family, who have brought us some absolutely ridiculous videos like this “Back to School” clip, has definitely had some fun on camera in the past few years, but this next video reaches a new level!

When her husband, Penn, and their two kids pitched in for Thanksgiving and made this ridiculous video to go with it, I didn’t think they can get any wackier. However, what Kim requested for Mother’s Day in this next video is so crazy, I couldn’t even believe it was real…until I realized the pain she was putting her husband through just can’t be faked.

Every mom tells men they have no idea what kind of pain going through labor feels like, but only Kim decided to give her husband a little taste. With help from Dr. Sameh Toma of the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine, Penn was hooked up to a pretty scary machine that simulates the pain of muscle contractions that come with childbirth.

Why he would ever go along with this stunt is a question we may never really learn the answer to — but you have to admit, it’s pretty funny seeing a man go through this for once.

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