This Guy Cut A Secret Hole Into His Staircase…But The Reason? BRILLIANT!


Home renovations can be costly and time-consuming, but they can really improve your host. Why not add awine cellar right in the kitchen? Or turn your laundry room into a sanctuary for your dogs?

In fact, more and more people are thinking of fun, creative, and beautiful ways to customize their houses for their pets.

Recently, Reddit user HeldAtNeedlePoint uploaded some photos of a home renovation project she did with her dad that benefitted her adorable dog, Jack. These photos show how easy it was to transform the space, and clearly Jack is an appreciative canine.

Personally, I love the idea, but I’m not sure how my landlord would feel about my carving a hole into one of the walls. Maybe when I can own instead of rent, I’ll build one of these for my Boston terrier.

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Inspired by other home renovations for dogs she had seen online, this Reddit user decided to enlist her dad’s help to make a private space for their dog, Jack.


They began by cutting the largest hole in the wall possible that didn’t cause the stringers or siding to show.


Of course, they had to make sure that Jack could fit comfortably.



The typical door heights should be that of a dog’s haunches, with enough room for the dog to stand up all the way once inside.


The Reddit user suggest using your pet’s crate mat as a suggestions for the dimensions of the home.



This family used pine for the facade of the house as well as the interior. They held the boards in place with nails, glue, and screws.


They sanded off the edges and began to add more decorative features.


Jack already loved it as is.


But the family decided that properly spaced shingles would add a “wow factor” to the house.


It’s a simple addition that adds a lot of character.


They also made sure to add some white trimming.


They had the extra white trimming just lying around the house, so they put it to good use!



Jack’s new house is right next to their wine cellar. This family knows how to use their basement!


The completed project improves their basement and makes Jack a happy dog!


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