Fast Food Worker’s Alerted Of Scary Situation Leaping Into Action While Camera Films It All


People who work in the fast food industry usually have quite a few stories to tell, but it’s not often someone’s able to say they jumped in to save a life – twice. Hunter Harris is the team leader at a Chick-fil-A in South Austin, Texas. Everything was going just normal during his shift one day, that is until out of nowhere he was faced with an employee’s urgent plea. Hunter immediately knew it was imperative to act…

It all started in the dining room of Chick-fil-A when an older gentleman was enjoying his meal alone. Scarily though he began choking, which didn’t go unnoticed. Employee Anita Duran had been cleaning tables and saw the frightening situation. That’s when a female customer quickly stood up and tried to assist the man, but wasn’t able to dislodge the food with her efforts. Anita told ABC News: “She was trying really hard, but I think maybe he was too heavy or something.” Knowing her team leader was trained in the Heimlich maneuver, Anita then alerted him of the situation.

At this point 23-year-old Hunter ran out to help save the choking man. In approximately 20 seconds of giving the customer the Heimlich he was finally successful – ultimately saving his life… It was a blessing that Hunter stepped into action – and it turns out he’d actually performed the Heimlich maneuver only a couple months earlier on his coworker! Watch the video below to hear more about this amazing story and to see the actual footage. Everyone couldn’t be more proud of this earth angel, that’s for sure


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