Easy Project Turns An Old T-Shirt Into A Cat Teepee


Cats absolutely love small spaces. Whether it’s the tiny space in between the wall and a bookshelf or the dark dusty spot underneath your bed, if you’re a cat owner, then you’re probably used to seeing your feline pop out of a tight space like that.

According to vetstreet.com, there are a few reasons why your cat enjoys those small spaces:
1. Smaller spaces are safer. Most cats who need to sleep deeply will seek out a denlike structure. A bathroom sink, as it turns out, seems more secure to a cat than a couch.
2. Wild cats require stealth for survival. So it is that hiding in small spaces helps cats be more successful.
3. If you’re about to give birth, a comfy hidey-hole is just the ticket. Momma cats are unlikely to birth their babies in places predators can see them.
4. Cats like to be warm. Small spots are quite simply cozier.

So if you have a cat and want to offer them a safer and less dusty alternative to some cramped space in between furniture, then you should try this. Best of all, this project gives a second life to an old t-shirt you might otherwise have thrown away.



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