Dad Enlists Cop To Give Daughter Christmas Gift Disguised As 2 Tickets


What could have easily been a terrible morning for one teen turned out to be one she’ll never forget!

Young Audra Daniloff was driving to school when a cop pulled her over, supposedly for forgetting to stop at at ‘Stop’ sign. Audra is visibly a little shaken.

The cop’s body camera catches everything: He returns to his vehicle with her driver’s license, and then returns to Audra’s, two tickets in hand. The poor girl is clearly horrified.

But they’re not the tickets you’d expect, as the cop says. Now watch Audra’s reaction shift from horror to elation, when the cop reveals that the tickets are not, in fact, road violation tickets, but one ticket to New York, and one ticket to see her favorite band in concert!

And who enlisted the gift-giving cop? Her father!

But this caring dad didn’t just give his daughter a quick scare for kicks and giggles. Audra had been battling a rare immune disease called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and her father wanted to make this surprise one she would never forget. So he enlisted the Saukville Police Department to help him break the news to his daughter that she and her dad would be traveling to New York from Wisconsin to see the band Timeflies at Times Square!

Nowadays, Audra is feeling much better, and even a year later, surely hasn’t forgotten the epic surprise her father, Marc, planned for her!

Marc tells LittleThings, “She is in her first year in college at Edgewood in Madison, WI, where she is studying to be a Child Life Specialist… Working with children and families going through a medical crisis. I could not be more proud.”

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