Coyote Attacks An Opossum, The Ending Is A Dose Of Laughter


A video recently surfaced on Facebook showing a strange scene involving a coyote and a possum.

The coyote attacked the kitten first, but the victim pretended to be dead, leaving nothing behind. However, the coyote inappropriately “retaliated”.

The posted video of Dan Cope has already become a real hit – on Facebook alone, it has gained more than 73 million views, and, judging by the reaction, the result made many netizens laugh.

We can see the scene where the coyote attacks a possum, but the coyote quickly dies. The coyote passed by, but at the end made an unusual move – the opossum urinated in front of the author of the video.

See an unusual field scene where you can witness the moment of the coyote’s “revenge” in a unique way. Does this scene make you laugh?



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