Brave Toddler Has Sight-Saving Surgery


When Colby Ramos-Francis was born with a tiny birthmark over his eyelid, his parents didn’t think much of it. But by the time they took the baby to his six-week checkup,  the birthmark developed into a large benign tumor, that if left untreated would have left Colby blind.

“He had a small, pink birthmark on the side of his eye, and it was in the same shape as a love-heart. I wasn’t really that concerned about it because a lot of children are born with them,” the boy’s mother Aimee Ramos-Price admitted.

After consulting with doctors, they learned that Colby was born with a rare condition known ashaemangioma, a tumor-like growth of the cells that line blood vessels.

British doctors were unable to treat the tumor, so the boy’s mother Aimee Ramos-Price went abroad to find someone who could. After begging U.S. doctors for help, they finally found a doctor willing to perform the life-changing surgery.

In February, the couple and their son flew to New York City for the three-hour operation to remove the tumor. Paediatric facial plastic surgeon Dr. Milton Waner led his team during the surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital

The surgery was offered free-of-charge thanks to the Little Baby Face Foundation (LBFF). If not for the help of the organization, the operation, consultation fees, flights, and accommodation would have cost the family over $15,000.

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