Baby Elephant Spotted In The Wild Without A Trunk


The baby elephant lost his trunk which could have killed the elephant because he used his trunk to eat and drink!

An elephant that satisfies the needs of adults for food and drink has little chance of survival. An elephant spotted in South Africa’s Kruger National Park appears to have lost its protection.

The person who filmed the calf said in this video that it looks ugly and may not survive!

He also shared this video online and wrote that it looks like the crocodile grabbed the elephant’s trunk while drinking water! Unfortunately, elephants that lose their trunk often survive because it is a very important part.

His trunk is used for sniffing, drinking, and eating, which means his future is bleak due to his loss!

According to the US National Elephant Center, an adult elephant can drink up to fifty gallons of water a day.

This means that this baby elephant will not survive, since an adult elephant should not be given the same amount of water as an adult. Watch the video below.



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