Baby Dachshund Adorably Struggles With iPad, Wins Our Hearts


We know, little guy, sometimes technology can be a pain to deal with.

Our pets tend to be mesmerized by their humans’ toys and trinkets. Watch this kitty be totally taken by an iPad game, and Timo try to figure out what’s residing in his owner’s strange device!

But this dachshund puppy is adorably frustrated with the machine. I can definitely sympathize!

Watch how intrigued he is by the iPad. We can’t tell if his owner opened an app that creates imprints of the puppy’s paws which then disappear, or if he’s just enjoying something on the screen. But what’s for sure is that our furry friend is satisfied by jumping on top of the device!

Watching this just makes me want to cuddle with this little guy so badly! You can hear his adorable yelps as he pounces on the iPad.

But my favorite parts are when he gets ready to pounce. He puts in extra effort into getting to a good height before he lands on the surface of the iPad! And he doesn’t give up: in fact, he continuously jumps up and down for the whole clip!

I wish I could see more of this pup! Maybe when he gets older, he’ll figure our how his owner’s iPad works. But until then, we hope that more videos will be taken of him trying!

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