Adorable Sea Lion Showers A Diver With Kisses


Have you ever heard someone refer to seals and sea lions as the dogs of the sea? Well, the reason is quite simple. They have several similarities that are fascinating.

For example, one look at the seals playing at the Ohau Point Seal Colony in New Zealand and you’ll see how they share quality of playfulness.

But, it’s their apparent mutual desire for human affection that is even more incredible to watch. It was clearly presented through the work of Irish journalist Charlie Bird when he traveled to Antarcticaand was showered with love by a big seal.

Diver Julián Bala’s video (shown below) is another perfect example emphasizing the wonder of these affectionate underwater creatures.

It features several sea lions up-close and personal with divers as they swim in the water. One in particular is even seen giving kisses and showing no signs of fear. It’s almost like they’ve known each other for years.


The video was shared by the Facebook page Ocean Reality and it’s left many viewers (including myself) in awe.

“Aww the seals think the scuba divers are one of them,” one wrote.

Another said, “I can’t believe they kissed.”

Watch the beautiful moment for yourself below and I’m sure you’ll be impressed too!

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