These 8 Doctors Have Stories About Patients So Stupid, You Won’t Believe They’re Real.


These docs gracefully refrained from naming any names, but told stories about the dumbest patients they ever had. Some of these people were so bad, you won’t be able to believe these stories are true.

Maybe it’s a symptom of the public school system, or maybe these people just skipped one too many health class days. Either way, I suddenly feel like a genius. Wow.


Four years of college, another four years of med school, even more years of residency and astronomical tuition prices… All so they can talk to these dummies. I think I’ll give my doc a hug the next time I have a check up.

Don’t be like these patients. Learn a thing or two about your own body! Also, share with your friends using the buttons below and make them feel a million times smarter.



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