71-Year-Old Elton John Sits At Piano With A Christmas Story That Has Internet In Tears


With big holidays comes big spending and gift giving! It’s better to give than to receive, right? The art of giving gifts is no easy feat. Especially for a loved one, it can come with feelings of doubt (what if he doesn’t like this?), and worry (will she even like this?). But, if it comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong. A thoughtful gift can change the course of someone’s life and maybe even the world.

There are some gifts that are nice and fleeting (think: flowers, chocolate, candles, etc.), but others that stick and open doors. In this video, we get to see exactly what happens when it’s a gift that fuels passion through the eyes of Sir Elton John.

The video opens to Sir Elton sitting at the piano, an instrument that has helped define him and his existence. He is in a decorated home around Christmas time with a twinkling tree in the background. He’s tinkering on the keys before a flood of emotion washes over him and he starts to play and sing the sweet and simple “Your Song” (that came out in 1970 – 48 years ago! – and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998). From the moment he starts to sing, we are taken back on a chronological journey through Sir Elton’s charmed life.

We get to go onstage for millions before going backstage and sitting with the star while looking in the mirror. We are transported through to the recording studio and then left at the bar where he’s playing up a storm for dancing and laughing patrons. We go even further to a piano recital where his proud mother has tears in her eyes. We go back even one more step to when he’s little and it’s Christmas morning. A very small Sir Elton runs down the stairs to be with his mom and grandma when he sets his sights on a massively wrapped gift against the wall. She motions for him to go ahead and unwrap it. It’s a piano and he plays his first note, one that ignites his passion to play millions and millions more.

We are then brought back to present time, where a 71-year-old Sir Elton is reminiscing. He closes the piano to the sound of a roaring audience, and the words, “Some gifts are more than just a gift” come onscreen to dive into the UK’s favorite department store, John Lewis and Partners’ Christmas ad campaign. This is so beautiful and as an Elton fan, sent goosebumps down my spine.

Click on the video below to indulge in this Christmas-inspired masterpiece.



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