15 Dancers Cross Their Legs On Stage But Instant They Twirl Around Crowd Goes Wild As They Kick In Perfect Unison


Fans of Britain’s Got Talent were in for quite the surprise, when 15 women donning red dresses and black tights took to the stage ready to blow the crowd away. Without missing a beat, the music begins, and it doesn’t take long for the judges to be completely mesmerized by their incredible talent. Instantly stealing the audience’s heart, when you see their unique audition you will quickly understand why.

In perfect unison, the 15 pairs of legs begin moving to the fast beat of the music. As the performance continues, the talented women leave the judges in awe with their stunning synchronicity. While the judges had seen many dancers before, it wasn’t everyday a group this large stepped onto the famous stage. Any doubts they originally had quickly faded away when seconds into the audition the talented women proved their worth.

Going by the name of Innova, this Irish dance group is not what you are used to. Putting a unique modern twist on the traditional style, you will instantly be hypnotized as you watch their legs move in perfect unison. Get ready to be swept off your feet watching this incredible audition – no wonder they were a fan favorite!



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