11-year-old boy stands on beach and holds salute for 1 hour, but who joins him moved everyone to tears


In 1944, during the WWII 70 years ago, American and Allied troops launched an invasion at Normandy, France. This would go down in history with an anniversary held every year ever since. In all this, one little boy has stood out.

In 2014, this 11-year-old flew from the US to France. He wanted to go the cemetery donning his lovely military uniform from the WWII, but the police wouldn’t let him in, so he decided to go Omaha beach and do his thing there. He planted the American flag in the sand and held it firm against the strong winds. That’s when it happened!

At that very moment, the little boy had a vision of the troops as they made their landing on the beach and towards their fate. The young boy saluted them and held it for over an hour and half, braving the strong winds. Tourists and kids rushed to the beach to see the boy.He proved to be a young hero!

Watch this lovely video and feel the emotion. If you think what this boy did is really great, drop us a comment and tell us about it, and also SHARE the clip with your friends!



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