This Young Woman Teaches You How To Break Your Hands Free From Zip Ties


It’s not uncommon to see more than one set of plastic zip ties dangling from a police officer’s belt in substitution for a pair of handcuffs. Handcuffs can be costly to manufacture, and could constitute the bulk of an officer’s personal storage when on duty. Therefore, the zip tie serves as a cheaper, yet equally efficient, means of binding a person’s wrists. However, while using zip ties as a restraint mechanism is an activity ideally performed by law enforcement, they can easily be used for criminal activities as well.

In this video, a teenage girl demonstrates how to use momentum and your own body to break free of these restraints should you be held captive by someone unjustly. While we do not condone any sort of resistance against law enforcement, this tip could be absolutely crucial in the case of a kidnapping. Also, it should be noted that the zip ties she appears to be restrained by are the common type you can find at a hardware store, and not the heavy-duty law type law enforcement commonly use.
What do you think about this, though? Have you tried it out? If you have or plan to, PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION, we don’t want you to hurt yourself!


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