You Won’t Believe Who This Giant Great Dane Is Afraid Of!


Talk about a gentle giant!

This is something you definitely don’t usually see with giant dogs, and I just can’t help but laugh.  we’re no strangers to animals being frightened by some pretty ridiculous things… Just take a look at this big boy who’s terrified of a Furby doll. Normally, you can’t help but understand where the animals are coming from. I mean, door stops are pretty confusing unless you know what it is. However, it’s not everyday that we come across a video like this next one and I can’t stop cracking up!

Many times when people have bigger dogs as pets, strangers tend to just assume they’re going to be aggressive and full of energy, even though many times just the opposite is true. It’s easy to understand why a baby or a weak, older person might be frightened of a gentle giant, but when it’s the other way around it can be pretty hilarious. If you’ve ever owned a big dog, you will definitely enjoy this video of giant great dane Duke.

This big sweetie usually gets along with everyone, but when he meets a tiny, yappy dog for the very first time, he’s completely confused. Duke has no idea what to make of the tiny 3-pound chihuahua in his home and it’s pretty hysterical. What he does has me cracking up… It just goes to show how looks can be so deceiving!

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