“What’s Up Moms” Showcases 3 Family-Friendly Science Experiments


When coloring books and building blocks get a bit boring, parents often need a few new ways to refresh playtime. Brooke Mahan from “What’s Up Moms” pairs up with fellow mother Danica McKellar to demonstrate three “science experiments” to try at home with the kids and drive away the boredom. These family-friendly tricks only require everyday household items such as milk, dish soap, vegetable oil, and Alka-Seltzer tabs. Seeing as how they were posted on August 14 and have already over 110,000 views, apparently, plenty of other parents appreciate the ideas too.

Mahan, based in California, partners with co-founders Elle Walker and Meg Resnikoff to form the foundation of the “What’s Up Moms” digital network. According to their website, this channel is the, “#1 Moms Network on YouTube,” boasting 15 millions views per month and currently over 632,000 subscribers. As Walker tells Fast Company, she was originally inspired to create “What’s Up” after discovering a lack of information on the internet during her early days as a new mother. Therefore, “What’s Up Moms” strives to deliver educational, entertaining tips on everything from parenting to meal-planning and even DIY projects.

While many may recognize McKellar from her acting work on the “The Wonder Years” and “The West Wing,” few may realize that she’s also an accomplished mathematician and author. According to her website, McKellar made a significant breakthrough in the discipline of mathematical physics during her time as an undergraduate at UCLA. This work culminated in the renowned Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem. She later obtained a degree from the university in Mathematics, graduating with summa cum laude honors, and continued on to pen three New York Times bestselling books, aimed at inspiring a passion for math in young girls.

In this video, McKellar’s accessible approach to science is paired with Mahan’s relatable parenting style, making these DIY science experiments both easy to understand and a lot of fun to execute. In the end, these two mothers succeed in making playtime both educational and enjoyable. Would you ever try any of these ideas at home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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