She Told These Two Friends To “Roll Over,” But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat!


Are you a cat person or a dog person? Quite possibly the most defining question of them all. Both animals have wonderful traits, but for whatever reason, the person answering that question always seems to have a favorite!

This video will make answering that question even harder! We’ve shown you Nana the wonderful border collie before, her ability to do tricks really shows off her intelligence. But in the below video, she’s now costarring with her absolutely gorgeous friend Kaiser the Bengal cat, and let me just say that their tricks are out of this world!

While the competition is friendly, the tricks that these two talented animals pull off really highlight how amazing our pets can be. Whether it being a cat that’s told to roll over at 1:17, or a dog that’s given the command to ride a skateboard later on in the video, I really couldn’t stop smiling at these happy pets.

When it came down to it, I had trouble deciding who had won. At first I thought Nana because she seemed more energetic, but then I thought how tough it must be to train Kaiser the cat to do any of those tricks to begin with. In the end I think both won! Either way, we’re happy that these animals seem so well taken care of and happy in their homes.

Who do you think won the competition? Please let us know!

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