Thirteen Dogs From The Super Wan Wan Circus All Jump Rope Together


I am always deeply impressed whenever someone trains their pet to do a particularly amazing trick. My childhood dog mastered ‘sit’ and then decided that she’d had enough, so I have a lot of respect for dogs that have perfected more complex art forms.

Needless to say, when I saw the incredible canines of the Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan, I was totally blown away. The circus is based in Tsukuba City, Japan, and has been around for nearly sixty years.

Since the circus was founded in the ‘50s, it has been rescuing abandoned dogs and training them as performers. Says owner Hiroaki Uchida, “We want to send out the message to not give up on these dogs with great talent through our project.”

In the spirit of getting the word out there, the circus has been working hard to break world records by incorporating certain activities into the dogs’ playtime. Most recently, they won a Guinness World Record for teaching thirteen dogs to jump rope in unison.

It started when a curious poodle named Mayonnaise tried to jump rope with her trainers. That prompted the trainers to make jumping a fun part of the routine for dogs and humans alike. Like these skilled Jack Russells, the dogs learned to jump on a beat and coordinate their jumps all together, along with the trainers.

It’s particularly impressive because they are all different shapes and sizes. Because the record-holders are all rescues, they’re a fairly jumbled crew, ranging from a lanky Irish setter to a petite miniature poodle.

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