They’re About To Put Down Their Beloved Dog. But He Has One Last Thing To Say Before He Goes…


If you’ve ever had to put down one of your pets, you know just how emotionally difficult the experience may be. Often times, the dreaded event comes with no warning. Doctors give you the news you last wanted to hear, and your world is turned upside down. Unfortunately, moments like these happen far too often.

Mike Mcnulty considered his best friend to be Buddy Lee, his intelligent, charming German Shepard who had been in his life for years. “He could open doors in the house and any heart he met,” he wrote about his friend. But tragically, his time came sooner than he hoped when he and his family discovered Buddy Lee was in bad health and needed to be euthanized.

On his final day, Mike and his supporters gathered around Buddy Lee in the waiting room, awaiting the moment they would finally have to say goodbye. But as they sat there in tears, Buddy Lee let out a wail. Then another and another. What seemed like a cry, turned out to be Buddy Lee’s final song for the people he loved the most.

Listen to this beauty give his final condolences through song, as if offering his loved ones gratitude as he neared his final moments. It will surely break your heart.

Rest in Peace, Buddy Lee.

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