The elder sister hugged her sister tightly to shake her off her convulsions


Kind-hearted Mia saw a dog named Tido living in a dark, dirty and boring cage and decided to adopt him. Tido returns home and meets Mia’s other dog, Sola. Since then, they have become good friends because they are inseparable.

Teedo was just a puppy when he was adopted and needed a mother, and Sola did just that. One day, Mia took Tido to the vet after his first seizure, where he found out he had distemper. Miya was devastated when the veterinarian said Teedo only had a 5% chance of survival.

His conversion required Tido and Sol to be separated, with Tido remaining in his room while a heartbroken Sol waited outside.

Sola never left the door of the room because she knew Tido needed it. One day, Tido had another seizure, so Sola hugged him tightly to stop the seizure. How amazing! Watch the video below.

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