He Tapes A Cardboard Box To A Tree. Now Watch Who Climbs Inside… OMG!


One day, a man named Dusty came home to hear strange sounds coming from the vent above his kitchen stove.

Inside the vent, there lay a teeny, tiny, adorable, fuzzy baby squirrel. He somehow lost his way and got himself separated from his mom.

For the next two hours, Dusty struggled to free the baby, who was so young he couldn’t even open his eyes. After wrestling with the fan and detaching it from the wall, he placed the baby into a box. “Just wondering who to take him to,” he said.

Finally, Dusty was able to get in touch with a local animal welfare who advised him to attach the box to a tree outside, so Mama Squirrel could hear her baby’s squeals.

“I’m about to put him up into a tree and hope that Momma will rescue him,” he described in the video, zooming in on the squirrel. “It’s kind of hard to let go of this cute little bugger.”

But he knew what he had to do, and that involved saying goodbye and returning the baby to his mother.

Dusty taped the box to a tree and put a sign on it with the words, “Don’t Disturb,” scribbled across. “Just waiting for momma.” Within seconds of setting up his tripod and camera, he heard something moving in the tree.


I won’t give away the ending, because it’s just too amazing. Watch and see!

Dusty made plans to close off his rooftop access.

Check out the photos, plus the heartwarming video of how this all unfolded, below. Please SHAREthis wonderful story with your friends on Facebook!

A man from Seattle came home one day to the sound of squeaks coming from the vent above his kitchen sink. What could have possibly gotten stuck in there?!


This tiny baby squirrel had somehow found his way into the vent with no way to escape. So, the man dedicated himself to not only rescuing the baby, but also finding a way to safely reunite him with his worried mother.


A local animal shelter advised the man on how to make the reunion between Mom and baby a successful one. He placed the baby into a cardboard box and taped it to the tree where his mom waited. Watch the video below to see what happened next…





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