Shell Gas Station Restroom In Philippines Is Nicer Than Most In The States


Usually, when it comes to using a public restroom, the first thing that comes to mind is cleanliness. Public restrooms can be downright disgusting considering so many people use them on a daily basis. The sheer volume alone makes a restroom nearly impossible to keep clean. Factor in visitor’s differing hygiene habits and you have even more reason not to set foot in a restroom stall.

However, no matter where you go, there seems to be a hierarchy of sorts when it comes to restrooms here in the states. Hotels department stores and fancy restaurants typically have the nicest, cleanest restrooms while malls and food courts occupy that middle tier. The bottom spot of the list though is usually occupied by the dreaded gas station. Usually used by all sorts of people on the road, these bathrooms often get the worst reputation for cleanliness.

This might not be the case though. In a study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the New York Daily News reports that the “microbial communities in public restrooms aren’t that different from your home or office.” The sort of bacteria that we commonly encounter in the restroom in fact doesn’t have that long of a lifespan in the first place.

Despite what a study says, if a restroom looks dirty, most people won’t want to use it. The restroom at this Shell gas station in Bohol, in the Philippines changes that perception. When this visitor stepped foot in this restroom he was baffled at not only the cleanliness, but the overall presentation in the restroom. Once you see it, you’ll realize that there’s still hope for all those dirty gas station restrooms after all.



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