She Put A Camera In The Car, But When The Music Starts? My Jaw Dropped!


Ready to be blown away by an incredible young talent? I’m seriously stunned…

Almost one year ago, Andie Case – a singer/songwriter from Seattle, WA – posted a “car cover” of hit pop songs “Me & My Broken Heart/Lonely No More.” The video quickly went viral with over 13million views, and now the blonde bombshell is back with another car-ride performance. When I heard Andie sing her mashup cover of “Want To Want Me” mixed with “I Want You To Want Me” by Jason Derulo and Cheap Trick, respectively, I became a new fan for life.

Her voice is simply effortless, it’s hard to believe she recorded this in one take, and while driving no less.

Andie is backed by Ajay Marshall and Naphtali Smith. The three of them are so talented, and Ajay’s harmonies balance Andie’s sweet, soulful and flawless vocals. I haven’t been this impressed by a new singer since we met Sammie Jay, the pint-sized street performer.

Andie says she’s busy in the studio recording new, original music and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Amazing job, guys! I’m ready to play it for the third time!

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