Mother With Cancer Gets A Shocking Surprise Via Cupcakes


Sharon is a hardworking mother of four. She also runs Mrs C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, Australia. This past year, Sharon has faced a string of bad luck. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she lost her younger brother, and her youngest son has a degenerative disease. His extensive medical bills are causing Sharon to fall behind on the lease to her cupcake business and she can’t spend as much time as she wants with her kids.

Jackie O, one of the radio DJs at station KIIS 1065, recently decided to give Sharon a little help in the form of a big surprise. She pretends to enter Sharon’s store as a customer coming in to complain about an order of stale cupcakes. A hidden camera films the entire exchange. Despite the complaints, Sharon reacts with such a positive attitude and high-level of professionalism. “I want my customers to be happy,” she says.

“Taste it for yourself so you can see,” Jackie suggests, placing the box of cupcakes down on the counter. But Sharon is about to find out there are no cupcakes inside the box at all. Instead, there’s a giant surprise… but I won’t give it away!

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