Mia The Circus Elephant Gets To Lay Down For The First Time Ever


The circus is a grand old time for little kids and their parents. Watching the jugglers toss their pins across the ring while spectators munch on popcorn and cotton candy is sure to make some lifelong memories for that family.

But what about the performers? The clowns and the gymnasts chose this life for themselves, but the big cats that sit on pedestals? The elephants that do tricks in front of a cheering crowds? They most certainly did not.

Sure, some circuses may treat their animals humanely, but more often than not, these animals lead terrible lives. In Mia the elephant’s case, she was never let out of her chains for decades. They were so constricting that she could never even lay all the way down to sleep. Life was just an endless string of half-sleep and performing mindless tricks for circus goers.

Luckily for Mia and her circus companion Sita, Wildlife SOS in India stepped in to save the day. The organization transported Mia and Sita over 1,200 miles as part of an elephant caravan so that these abused creatures could live a better life at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center. It was a long journey, but it was nothing compared to her previous life as a performing prisoner.

When she finally made it to the sanctuary, free of chains shackling her feet at last? You just have to see this pure bliss for yourself!

You can help more animals like Mia by donating to the cause, or simply by SHARING her story with your friends and family!



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