Men Try To Apply Cat Eye Makeup And Fail Miserably


How many of your earthly possessions would you trade for the opportunity to watch the men in your life try your makeup routine?

If you answered “all of them” (heck, even “none of them”), you’re in luck. Cosmopolitan has captured our wildest imaginations and has asked a group of poor fellas to line their eyes with a liquid cat eye. This, you may remember, is difficult even for the most seasonedmakeup artists.

So watching this guys try to apply a sultry liner to their lids is… a sight to behold, to say the very least.

“I can tell this isn’t right!” yells one participant whose application of mascara is one of the sorriest sights you’ll watch today.

By far my favorite response came from a man whose revelation that women have to do this every day warranted a worthy and hilarious response. “My respect level just went through the roof because like my eye is trembling,” he said, after his attempts proved to be futile (it’s the effort that counts!).

So remember that next time you’re doing your makeup and you start getting pestered about the length of time it takes to complete, you have a go-to response to refer your to your friend.

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