Marine Marries The Nurse Whose Life He Saved


In March 2014, a nursing assitant named Heather was diagnosed with stage four liver disease. As she anxiously waited for a donor match, her illness only continued to get worse. Heather hoped and prayed for a miracle — that someone would come forward as a match to provide the emergency transplant she needed to survive.

Enter a former marine named Chris, who happened to overhear a co-worker talking about Heather’s situation. Chris didn’t know Heather at all, but he decided right then and there to undergo medical testing to see if he was a match… and he miraculously, he was. Simply out of the kindness of his heart, Chris contacted the hospital for Heather’s phone number, then called Heather and told her he was ready and willing to donate his liver. Heather was blown away by this stranger’s selfless decision.

Together, Chris and Heather underwent long and arduous surgeries, their hospital beds side-by-side. Heather’s liver was replaced by more than half of Chris’ liver.

During their recovery, the pair found comfort and humor in one another. And nine months after Chris’ initial life-changing phone call to Heather, something incredible happened.

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