Mama Goose Who Lost All Her Eggs To A Fire Embraces Cute Orphaned Goslings


For many years of my life, I was afraid of geese. Usually people laugh at me for admitting this, but geese can be very aggressive. Or at least that’s what I thought…

Their behavior isn’t motivated by cruelty; rather it’s driven by love.

For example, Davina, a blind goose that lives outside of a U.K. inn. She has a kind, gentle spirit that all of the animals adore. Due to her disability, the rest of her goose family is extremely protective of her, hissing away a bossy Jack Russell whose always getting in her way.

The following is another story of one brave and sweet mama goose. She lost all her babies when a maniac set her nest on fire. She sacrificed everything she had to save her offspring, but it wasn’t enough. Now, although she has experienced a tremendous loss, she’s giving away the only thing she has left, in the most heartfelt way…

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This sad story began when Tim White, a wildlife specialist, saw smoke rising near a corner of his office building while dropping off paperwork one day. He ran towards the smoke and discovered a Canadian goose sitting on a nest that was on fire.


“It was a small blaze, but she was sitting right in it,” Tim told The Dodo. “She took the brunt of it. She was sitting on the eggs just trying to protect them.” Tim ran to get a bucket to extinguish the blaze and even as he threw it on the fire, the mother goose wouldn’t budge. “She probably would have sat there until she was deceased,” he said.


Once he pried the mom from her nest, he made a disturbing discovery. It looked like someone had purposely started the fire with lit cigarettes.



Mama and her eggs were rushed to the Back To The Wild animal clinic where she was examined. She had damaged flight and tail feathers. Although her eggs were badly burned, they were placed in an incubator just in case any of the unborn goslings had survived.


Unfortunately, all the eggs were too damaged. No babies survived.


Heartbroken, Mother Goose was placed in Back To The Wild’s recovery habitat, where it seemed she would have to heal all alone.


A few weeks after she arrived, six cute goslings that had lost their mom were brought in. Their fuzzy little hearts longed to be warmed by a mother figure.


Like a goose to water, Mommy was instantly drawn to the goslings. “As soon as we put these precious babies out with her in our wetlands habitat, this mother goose got right to herding them up and protecting them from…US!” writes Back To The Wild on Facebook. “Look who is living up to her reputation as a great mom!!”


She has literally taken the baby geese under her wing. “If all goes well, when we release mom later this summer, all these little orphans will go with her and get a chance to be wild and free,” said the rescue.


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