How To Make A Sports Bra Top From A Pair Of Men’s Underwear


Before you rid your closet of any old briefs that have seen better days, you can actually turn them into something functional and cute. And the best part: You don’t have to sew a stitch!

Did you know you can take a pair of men’s underwear and turn those briefs into a sports bra? Yep! And it’s a DIY project I can’t wait to make myself!

The last time I fell in love with a DIY fashion project, it was the tote bag made out of an old T-shirt. While this sports bra doesn’t offer a massive amount of support, the end result is a simple piece of clothing that’s perfect for low-impact activity, like yoga. The only tool you’ll need is a pair of scissors. Of course, you don’t need to rummage through your husband’s underwear drawer for a pair of his briefs — pick up a pair of your favorite undies in any color or pattern. Just make sure the waistband is sturdy.

This is a quick and fun way to save money — all while looking stylish, too! Is this something you’d make for yourself at home? Let us know, and please SHARE this video tutorial with your friends!



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