Life Is All About Perspective…And This Art? Doubly So. It’s Mind-Bending.


It’s true. Life is really all about perspective, which is something that London-based anamorphic artistJonty Hurwitz likes to take advantage of. His work is truly mind-bending. Looking at his sculptures on their own, you might have a bit of trouble figuring out what they are.

That’s because they can only be seen in their true form when you place a mirrored cylinder in front of them. Suddenly they come to life in a way you might not expect. Just check them out, and prepare to have your mind blown.

It’s amazing; his art is there… but it isn’t REALLY there.


I had NO idea.

Without the cylinder, this just looks creepy.

So cool.

Of course Hurwitz isn’t the only artist creating pieces in this style. Another prominent anamorphic artist who creates art that can only be actually seen using a mirrored cylinder is, István Orosz. Here are few of his pieces.

(Via: Bored Panda/ViralNova)

Literally mind bending. There is so much more to these works of art than what meets the eye (just like most things in this world). Make sure to share these anamorphic works of art with your friends by clicking below.



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