He Was Innocently Feeding Fish With His Family Until THIS Leapt Up From The Deep!


We oxygen-breathing humans don’t always get warm and fuzzy feelings towards sea creatures. Just think about the cliché “warm and fuzzy!” It evokes positive feelings derived from warm-blooded, hair-covered mammal characteristics, while water-dwellers get stuck with sayings like “cold as a fish,” “red as a lobster,” and “slippery as an eel.”

The only exceptions are whales, manatees, and dolphins, which are all mammals, and perhaps mermaids — which aren’t real. (Except for Ariel from the The Little Mermaid. She is real. Or my childhood makes no sense. Ariel 4eva!!!!!)

Just look at Aquaman. His power to communicate with fish has rendered him one of the most unpopular and mocked superheroes of all time.

But sometimes a member of the non-mammal marine world can surprise you by doing something completely unexpected, like photobomb a picture, dance as eloquently as a flower blowing in the wind, or cuddle with ducks.

Or they can bestow you with the moment of a lifetime, like one frisky stingray does in the video below. What does it do? You’ll have to see it with your own mammal eyes to believe it! It may just change your mind about a certain aquatic animal. Or, at the very least, it will make you as happy as a clam (yeah, okay, there’s ONE positive sea-creature cliché out there, fine!).

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