Grandparents Raise Granddaughter In Tear-Jerking Angel Soft Ad


They were ready to be regular grandparents, to do the things that two parents do when their children have left the nest. They planned on spending time together alone and spoiling their granddaughter. Then the unthinkable happened. Their son got in trouble with the law and he couldn’t care for his little girl anymore. He was going off to prison.

“It happened pretty fast. He came over with Hayley in her car seat and no diaper, in her mess and our hearts just broke,” grandma tells Angel Soft. “My son got in trouble with the law and was going to jail.” So Grandpa and Grandma gave up their previous plans and kept Hayley, becoming parents again. It was scary at first, but it turned out to be one the most rewarding things they’ve ever done.

While we’re familiar with the unconventional families created by adoption, so many people forget about the millions of children who see their grandparents as their parents. Even this grandma had a hard time acknowledging it. It wasn’t until one Mother’s Day that she realized who she really was to Hayley. Hayley gave her a golden heart necklace, all it reads is something so simple, yet so beautiful: Mom. 

If that doesn’t get you reaching for a Kleenex, you have to watch Grandpa’s reaction to the whole situation; he completely loses it when talking about his little girl…

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