Goofy Great Dane Refuses To Let Dad Relax On The Couch


Great Danes truly are gentle giants, and this video is adorable proof.

Roy Field of Hudson Oaks, TX, posted the following video on Facebook. It’s quickly going viral, and when you see it you’ll totally understand. You see, Roy loves nothing more than relaxing on the couch after a hard day’s work. His 1-year-old Great Dane named Bodie Gene shares in Roy’s passion for relaxation. Every single night, Roy goes to stretch out on the couch — and every single night, there’s loving Bodie nestled up beside him.

On this particular night, however, Bodie was much more in the mood to play than to chill out, and he simply refused to be ignored. He crawled all over Roy, begging to hug and cuddle, staring at Roy intently, and taking up the entire couch with his giant body in the process.

“We always lay on the couch right before bed,” says Roy, ”but he wanted to play that night.” If this is what life is like with a goofy Great Dane by your side, I’d happily take it.

There’s nothing more adorable than watch a gentle giant beg for attention from Dad. I absolutely love this video! Please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook, and give them something to smile about today.



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