Gallivanting Llama Escapes In Buncombe County, Hilarity Ensues


You may remember that back in February, two llamas somehow came loose from their pens and ran rampant through the streets and highways of Arizona, terrorizing drivers and pedestrians while simultaneously entertaining all of the Internet.

It appears they aren’t the only llamas with a penchant for breaking free of the banality of the simple farm life.

In what is truly a serendipitous detail, a llama named “Phantom” reportedly broke free of his enclosure in Buncombe County and decided to hit the quiet backstreets of North Carolina, baffling both locals and reporters alike.

In the remarkable video below (which is appropriately soundtracked, by the way), videographer John Boyle captures the moment that Phantom moved on from golf course gallivanting in favor of the high country. He can be seen being chased by lurching and helplessly useless bystanders.

“We don’t see any llamas at all,” local resident Mark Montgomery told the Citizen-Times. “We see a lot of bears and some deer, but no llamas.”

When asked about all the “hubbub for a llama” (and for the general entertainment of all of us here on the internet), Montgomery replied, “Amazing. They don’t come out for the bears, but they come out for the llamas.” The llama is now safely back in custody.

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