She Felt Guilty Leaving The Dog At Home—So She Came Up With A GENIUS Idea


An estimated 13 million dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so for many pet parents, it’s difficult to leave your dog home alone all day. This was one stress that 15-year-old girl Brooke Martin from Spokane, Washington faced every day she left for school, so she decided to create an amazing invention to relieve this guilt from overanxious owners like herself.

With the help of her dad, Martin created the iCPooch unit, which allows video calls between pooches and their owners. The product, priced at $150, uses apps and tablets that allows a human user to dial into the device remotely and have a ‘chat’ with their pet at home. The product even releases treats!

For busy owners who spend more than eight hours away from their pets, this product provides a unique way to interact with your dog and spend time with it. This is one product you can own that will make you a better dog owner.

Though the invention has garnered some criticism, one YouTube commenter says it best: “She’s a kid, and the fact that she was able to create such an invention says a lot about not only her, but her devotion to her pet. The premise may sound unpromising, but it’s still a neat idea.”

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