This Disabled, “Unadoptable” Dog Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized Until SHE Came Forward…


When you watch television and movies, the cherished pet is usually portrayed as a store or farm-bought purebred puppy, as if only a “perfect” puppy could bring joy to someone’s life.

Yet anyone who has had the opportunity to bring a rescue dog into their house knows that these animals have just as much love to give.

Recently, a pet store in Brazil swapped out their dogs for rescue pets to demonstrate new pet owners wouldn’t know the difference between shelter animals and store animals.

We recently came across the story of an adorable rescue dog named Daisy who was almost euthanized because of her disability and an underbite that would make her less than “ideal” to some pet owners.

Yet, Daisy is a loving, sweet, affectionate dog who just needed someone to see her potential, and fortunately enough compassionate humans were able to help find her forever home. It’s just further proof that there’s a forever home out there for every dog!

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Daisy is a 5-year-old terrier mix, though some people have said she might be a “Chiweenie.”


Underbite Unite

She looks happy and adorable in these photos, but her life began in a pretty rough manner.


Underbite Unite

She was found on the streets at only 2 months old. She was hungry, alone, and seemed to be in pain.


Underbite Unite


Daisy’s elbows, right shoulder, and back hips are dislocated, which resulted in her deformity.


Underbite Unite

She was born with the deformity, and though it causes her no pain, it is incredibly stressful and energy-consuming for her to walk without the assistance of wheels.



Underbite Unite

When Daisy was found on the streets, she was taken to a shelter in hopes that she’d soon find a forever home.


Underbite Unite

Unfortunately, in the months she was at the shelter, no one showed much interest in her. Most people saw a dog who would take too much work.


Underbite Unite

Daisy was set to be euthanized — until A Home 4Ever Rescue came to help her out.


Underbite Unite

That’s where Daisy’s new owner, Sheena, found her and brought her in.



Now that Daisy has a home, she has regular veterinarian appointments and a pair of wheels to help her get around without further damage to her spine.


Underbite Unite

Daisy is described as a positive, energetic, and even “inspiring” pooch.


Underbite Unite

Sheena enjoys bringing Daisy to public places so she can destigmatize special-needs dogs and bring attention to the importance of rescue organizations.


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Daisy’s story has gone viral online as thousands of people are seeing that any pup can grow to be a happy, healthy dog when the right people take them in.


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Daisy’s one of the lucky shelter dogs. There are still thousands out there waiting to find homes and people to love.


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The things that almost made Daisy “unadoptable” will hopefully inspire thousands to seek out rescue dogs in need of a loving home.


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