Dance Routine Goes Wrong, But Oh So Right


Girls just want to have fun, but some girls seem to want a bit more fun than others.

Dance recitals are often proud moments for parents to witness their child in the spotlight. Hours of dance class practice and impromptu living room rehearsals culminate in the big moment when their child steps on stage and shows the crowd what they’ve got. As endearing as they may be, toddler recitals rarely capture an audience, or the nation, quite like the one below.

The footage shows the Dance Factory preschool tap class rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s “Broadway Baby,” and it’s clear from the first moment where the spotlight shines the brightest. Dolled up in her purple tutu tap dance outfit, the little girl second from the right, who according to an article from the Daily Mail is named Jordyn, captures everyone’s attention with amazing facial expressions and several signature tap dance moves — signature moves that stray ever so slightly from what the toddlers practiced in tap dance class.

Jordyn’s fellow dancers show great poise as they just keep dancing — albeit background dancing at that point. Laughter pours from the audience as they are drawn to Jordyn’s improvised magnetic movement. The popularity of this dance routine didn’t stay within the walls of the recital venue for long. The video of the performance, which was posted by YouTube user Randall Burns on June 19, 2013, has amassed over 10 million views to date.

Wherever you are Jordyn, keep having fun, and keep dancing to your own tune.



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