Dachshund Climbs Up On His Best Friend For An Adorable Midday Nap


Okay, this video may be short and sweet, but it officially goes down as one of the most adorable videos of all time. I squealed with delight watching the bond unfold between this dachshund and golden retriever, two dogs who couldn’t be any more different in the physical sense. Mom made sure to keep the cameras rolling as the two dogs enjoy a lazy day of relaxation inside their cozy home, and I’m grateful to her for letting us share in this heartwarming moment.

Goldie is taking an afternoon nap, and it looks like she needs some company. The moment I saw the dachshund oh-so-nonchalantly climb up onto her best friend’s back, I was done for. And how the golden just lays there, as if this napping position is a regular tradition between the two. Cutest moment…ever. Can Mom and Dad continue to chronicle these two pups?

We’ve seen many videos showing the incredible bond between animals, and the unconditional love they show. Sometimes, it’s the most unlikely souls who end up making the best of friends.

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